Generic UART Device


This class is only supported on the EV3 at this time. It could be added to Powered Up hubs in a future release. If you’d like to see this happen, be sure to ask us on our support page.

class UARTDevice(port, baudrate, timeout=None)

Generic UART device.

  • port (Port) – Port to which the device is connected.

  • baudrate (int) – Baudrate of the UART device.

  • timeout (time: ms) – How long to wait during read before giving up. If you choose None, it will wait forever.

Example: Read and write to a UART device

#!/usr/bin/env pybricks-micropython
from pybricks.hubs import EV3Brick
from pybricks.iodevices import UARTDevice
from pybricks.parameters import Port
from import SoundFile

# Initialize the EV3
ev3 = EV3Brick()

# Initialize sensor port 2 as a uart device
ser = UARTDevice(Port.S2, baudrate=115200)

# Write some data
ser.write(b'\r\nHello, world!\r\n')

# Play a sound while we wait for some data
for i in range(3):
    print("Bytes waiting to be read:", ser.waiting())

# Read all data received while the sound was playing
data = ser.read_all()